Are you doing a stomach in your stomach? Apartments have their charm, but most people dream of having their own house at some point in their lives. When you have your own house, you have more space and freedom, so you can customize your everyday life exactly as you wish. At the same time, you also get more space when you choose to move in houses, why it is obvious to those who either have or want animals and / or children. Conversely, it is a big and sometimes unimaginable investment to buy a house. In any case, it is important that you are absolutely sure that it is the same dream home before you put all its wealth in it. Therefore, for many, it can be a smart solution to find a house for rent. With a rental property, you invest less, which makes it better to live the dream of a house without the big risks.

House for rent for all needs

There may be several reasons for trying to find a house for rent. There are both advantages and disadvantages of renting a house rather than investing in the form of an owner-occupied or residential property. Often you get more for your money and a smaller monthly expense if you invest. On the other hand, moving into a house for rent allows for much more freedom and movement. Just because you do not have a lot of money tied up in a rental property, you always have the option to terminate your house and move on if needed. You are thus secured against the situation that you suddenly stand with a house that you can not get rid of again. Therefore, the solution of a house for rent will be directed to those who either face an urgent need and an uncertain future or those who want to try the house dream before spending a lot of money in a home.

The young couple looking out of town

Many of those who choose to find a house for rent are the young couple who have finished their studies and are ready to settle down. If you have a dream about children and family life, it often takes more space than an apartment in the city can offer. At the same time, there is also a part who dreams of getting away from the busy life of the city and into a more rural environment when you reach so far in your life. When you have finished your studies, you often do not have the capital it requires to invest in the dream house. Therefore, a house for rent is the obvious solution for the young couple who dream of a house, but not yet have the economy. With a house for rent you can quickly start a new phase in one's life without making a major and decisive investment, which may not be done again.

To the urgent need for new housing

As mentioned, a house for rent gives extra freedom compared to a cooperative or owner's residence. Because it is a quick and temporary solution, a rental property is ideal for those with an urgent need. For example, if you have undergone a divorce or you have to have renovated your existing home, a house for rent can be the obvious solution. It takes care of your head and time to think without getting caught in your new home. At the same time there are rental homes almost everywhere in the country, so you can also find a good house for rent that is still close to work, family and friends. If there is an urgent need for a new home, or if you want some time and time before you find the home you want to invest in, then a house for rent is the obvious choice.

The housing market is expensive and overwhelming

Should you go out for the first time and invest in a house, it may seem inconspicuous and overwhelming. There are many options to choose from - from a house for rent to owner- and cooperative homes. Finding the perfect accommodation that matches you or your family perfectly is not an easy task. For somebody, it takes years to find the perfect opportunity, not least because you want to be absolutely sure before you bind all of your fortune in a house. A house for rent is an ideal way to find a temporary solution, so you have the head and calm to find the home you want to invest in. In addition, for example, a house for rent in the countryside is the obvious and easy way to Find out if that's really what you want. Finding a good house for rent with unlimited rent is also not always an easy task. But if you are looking for a rental property, you have come to the right place. We have one of Denmark's largest selection of homes and houses for rent anywhere in Denmark.

Find your rental property at

Even if renting a house might be a temporary solution, it's still nice to find a good solution for a good value. If you dream of moving into a house for rent, you have come to the right place. At we communicate the contact between landlord and tenant of houses throughout the country. That's why we can also help you find the right house for rent, whether you want to move to the city or the country. Our residential portal has existed since 2003, so you are currently on one of Denmark's oldest and most established housing sites. We have more than 6000 rental homes, and there are new ones every day. Our homes range widely when it comes to size, price and location. Therefore, there is a good chance that you can find the very right house for rent with us. Whether you are a young couple looking for a rental property in the country or you just need a roof over your head while your current home is being renovated, is the right place to start.

Are you looking for a house for rent in the countryside?

Have you lived in an apartment and in a house, you know how much difference there are on the two things. An apartment is ideal for singles and young students who want to be close to the center and many other people. But it is natural that one reaches a point in his life, where one might wish a little more peace and quiet around one. With a house for rent, the dream of more space, scenic surroundings and maybe a garden is not as far away as you might think. A house for rent offers brand new opportunities to start a life either close to or far from the city's noise and traffic. If you choose to move into a house for rent in the countryside, you will experience a completely different calm and atmosphere around one. At the same time it is the perfect place to have children and animals compared to an apartment in the city. If you are looking for a house for rent in the countryside, you have come to the right place. Among other things, you will find rental apartments in East Jutland and West Zealand. If you dream about being surrounded by fields and nature, it's an obvious solution.

Move in houses close to the towns

If you have studied in one of the major cities like Copenhagen, Odense or Aarhus, it might seem unthinkable to move into the country. Where one's new rental property should be, depends on who you are as a person. While someone is dreaming about scenic and tranquil surroundings, there are others who want to be in the vicinity of the city throughout their lives. Fortunately, our large selection of houses and homes for rent allows you to find everything here with us. For example, we have houses for rent in Copenhagen and Aarhus, where you can make your dream of several square meters and come true without having to move far away from the places where things happen. This is especially obvious if you have your workplace in Aarhus or Copenhagen. You can spend a lot of time and energy on transport to and from the city, and in many cases it can be a relief to find a house for rent inside the city. In this way you are always close to cinemas, delicious restaurants, bars, and whatever the city can offer. One must, however, be prepared that a house for rent in one of the major cities is often more expensive because they are highly sought after.

A gap between country and city

It is not without reason that suburbs are so popular. Some people can not imagine living in the city's noise and chaos, while others are becoming too restless in the countryside. But the vast majority can see the benefits of both things. Therefore it is incredibly popular to find a house for rent that is not necessarily located in the city but close to them. For example, you can find a house for rent in Zealand and thus get a little of it all. With a house in Zealand you are sure that you have peace and beautiful nature around you, while Copenhagen is never far away. Especially for new families who dream of children, but at the same time struggling to let go of the city's many opportunities, it is an obvious solution. It can also be a good compromise for couples or families, where one party wants to live in the city, and the other wants to live in the country.

The price also plays a role

Of course, the price also comes in when finding a house for rent. If you have an unlimited budget, it's rarely difficult to find the dream house - but these are the few of us who have the luxury. Therefore, one often has to find a compromise where both price, housing and location go higher. It can be hard to find, but we made it easier for you. We have different filters that you can use when looking through our selection of houses for rent. For example, you can search for specific areas to see the possibilities for a house for rent in, for example, Odense or Copenhagen. But of course it is also possible to set the price rent. That way, you only get a selection of rental apartments that are within your budget. At the same time, you can also set how many rooms will be in the home, so you are sure that there is room for everyone. It makes it much easier to find a house for rent that suits you and your family perfectly. If you want to make your house dream come true, we at are always ready to help you.

See our selection already today

Would you like some more square meters, more freedom and maybe a garden? So, a house for rent might be worth looking into if you are considering moving. No matter where you come from or where you dream of moving, something interesting is guaranteed in our selection. As said, it's easy to set your preferences so you only get relevant options. Therefore, today you can take a step closer to your house dream and look into the different rental homes that can be yours - whether you dream about a townhouse or house for rent in the country. All the entries are made with pictures that give you a thorough impression of the property. At the same time, the most important information such as price, number of rooms and m2 number are given. If you find a property that falls in your interest, it is easy to contact the landlord and learn more about the opportunity. Therefore, we dare say that the fulfillment of your home and house dream starts at

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