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Long term rentals in Kerteminde

The city with the red roofs is known for the old half-timbered houses, cobbled streets and the big fishing industry. Nice Kerteminde is in many ways a charming past of the past. The city's geographical location allowed trade and fishing, and in particular the latter is still one of the city's characteristics. If you want a really good fishing, you will visit one of the local fish restaurants near the harbor in Kerteminde. Read more

4 rentals found

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Rent apartments in Kerteminde - see all the nice homes

Kerteminde has a lot to offer

Kerteminde has a very good location on Nordfyn. Would you like to live near beautiful scenery, a beautiful beach and a nice harbor? Then you get it here. Although Kerteminde is a quiet and idyllic city, it is not far from Odense. This means that you can stay quiet and beautiful, but with a short drive in either car or bus, come to the big city, where it abounds with educational opportunities, workplaces, shops and restaurants.

Rental property in Kerteminde - Perfect for families

Kerteminde is the perfect place to settle down for the family of children. The town houses many houses and cozy neighborhoods with other families with children. There are good schools and day care centers and lots of activities for the kids. Forests and greenery are within walking distance, and in summer there is only a short trip to delicious and child-friendly beaches. Many of the rental properties in Kerteminde have a garden, so there is ample opportunity for sandbox and rocking rack for the children. And then the playmates are just around the corner.

Kerteminde is similar to fish

If you do not like fish, do not move to Kerteminde. The city lives in large part of their well-known and beloved fishing industry. In fact, Kerteminde Harbor is the largest and most important fishing port in Funen. Here you can experience fish auctions and freshly caught fish in all shades. In addition, Fjord & Bælt is located in Kerteminde, where you can experience the animals of the sea close to big and small.

Not many rental properties in Kerteminde

In Kerteminde they do not swim in rented accommodation. Most of the city's homes are owner-occupied homes. Therefore, keep your eyes and ears open if you want one of the city's nice and relatively cheap rental homes. It is not very expensive to rent for rent in Kerteminde.

Rental property Kerteminde - search for rental property

Kerteminde has gradually become a very popular children's family town. People move in abundance because of the unmatched nature, the harbor and the wide range. Kerteminde Haven by the Sea is one of the places in Denmark that has the most sunshine hours on a yearly basis - and the varied and beautiful nature areas in Kerteminde are one of the reasons why so many choose to move permanently to Kerteminde.

See available rental housing in Kerteminde and surroundings

At you can find your next rental property in Kerteminde. There is also the possibility to search for a rental property in the nearby cities, such as Nyborg, Langeskov, Otterup or Ullerslev. It may be worth looking for rental housing in the surrounding cities, as it is often sparse with rental apartments in Kerteminde. With an obvious moment to Odense in about a half an hour, it is understandable that Kerteminde is a sought after city oasis to live in. It may be an idea to go together to share a rented apartment. This can be especially relevant if you are a student.

Be aware when renting a house in Kerteminde

There are several things that you need to be aware of when renting a home:

  • If you have a fixed-term lease, you will be liable for the rent for the entire period, even if you vacate the tenant before the time.

  • Find mistakes within the first 14 days. Send the list to the landlord so that you will not be responsible for the mistakes as you move from the rental property.

  • If you are a couple moving into the home together, make sure that you both stand on the lease so that one of you does not risk being thrown out if you are going to be unfriended.

  • Always make sure to pay the rent on time.

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