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Long term rentals in Kolding

Kolding is a good mix of country and life. If you live in the city center, you get everything that belongs to in the form of shops, supermarkets and eateries. Choosing one of the surrounding small towns gives you beautiful scenery and cozy communities. And then public transport works very well in Kolding. Read more

125 rentals found

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Rent apartments in Kolding - see all the affordable rental homes

Because Kolding has a bit of everything without being a big city, it is perfect for families with children. There are good schools and a large selection of daycare centers. There are a wealth of opportunities for activities and sports clubs. Playgrounds and green spaces are generously distributed throughout the city. And the playmates live just around the corner.

Good public transport

Kolding is located right in the butter hole between Funen and Jutland, which means that the train connections are very good. It is therefore easy to reach both Odense and Copenhagen, northwards towards Aarhus and south towards Germany. Many choose Kolding for just that reason. It is relatively easy to find a rental property as the range is large, and demand is not nearly as big on rental apartments in Kolding as in the metropolitan areas of Denmark.

Stay well and cheap with a rental property in Kolding

Kolding is located in Sønderjylland, and there is something that Sønderjylland is known for in the rest of Denmark, it is their housing prices. And here, rental housing prices are no exception. Compared to the other major cities on the map, you get Kolding a lot for the money. Many therefore choose to settle here and commute to work in neighboring cities as it can really be economically affordable. You can save many thousands of dollars in rent by choosing to live in Kolding rather than for example. Aarhus and Odense. The good rail and highway connections make transportation time very affordable if you have to work or study in another city.

An historic city

Kolding is an old city and, with its central location, has previously served as a trading city, which is still seen in the cityscape. Especially the Royal Castle Koldinghus is a famous historical attraction. If city history means something to you, Kolding is the perfect place. And otherwise there are just a lot of attractions to experience with the kids.

Rental housing Kolding - search for housing

Kolding is the town for you who want to rent for rent in the scenic area around Sønderjylland. It may also be that you prefer a cheaper rent and commute to the major cities such as Aarhus, Esbjerg or Odense in your daily life. There are many reasons to choose to live in a town like Kolding, but one is for sure - you get a great deal if you choose to rent a rental property in Kolding.

See available rental properties in Kolding and surroundings

At you can find your dream home in Kolding - ranging from renting a room to a larger rental property. There is also the possibility to search for rented accommodation in the nearby cities, such as Vamdrup, Christiansfeld, Lunderskov and Haderslev. It may be worth looking for rental housing in these countries, areas and other opland, as in these areas there may be additional money to save on rent.

Money to save on rented accommodation in Kolding

Whether you choose to rent a rental property in the center of central Kolding, to live on the outskirts of Kolding, or in a newer or older rental property, you will find a large selection of rental homes at favorable prices. Find out here on the site and set your preferences in the search box on the left and search for your next rental property in Kolding.

Part of the triangular area

Kolding is part of the triangular area, this is where highways from north, south, east and west meet. Due to the formidable infrastructure, there is hardly any problem living in one city and working in another. In less than an hour you can drive to the cities Aarhus, Esbjerg and Odense - a country where there are more than 600,000 jobs. Good location, dynamic business and cheap rental housing - Kolding has it all and more.

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