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Long term rentals in Silkeborg

Silkeborg is a nice little town in central Jutland. Here it is not too strong and the surroundings are beautiful. Many people working and studying in Aarhus choose to settle in Silkeborg. Both to escape the fast-paced storm, but at the same time to get more value. And then it is often much easier to get a rental property in Silkeborg than in Aarhus. It may also be that you are one of the many raised in Silkeborg and just really like the cozy city. Read more

116 rentals found

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Rentals in Silkeborg - many vacant homes today

Silkeborg is a family-friendly city, which includes an active city life, nature and peace and quiet. With a rented accommodation in Silkeborg, you will not only get more value than if you chose to settle in Aarhus - you will even get a city that contains everything from city life to immersion and relaxation.

Family friendly location

Silkeborg is the essence of a family-friendly city. Here you will find everything you need for shopping and shopping, schools and daycare centers. Nature offers many activities, and the small harbor in Silkeborg is a cozy gathering place. You do not have to look far away for parcel houses and playful children, and therefore Silkeborg is looking very well for you looking for a rental property for your family. And then the prices of rental properties in Silkeborg are very affordable compared to other surrounding cities.

A suburb of Aarhus

Silkeborg is just a stone's throw from Århus, and it offers good opportunities for the many students who try to find a student-friendly residence every year in the big city. Really many have to lead in vain, because there are missing rental apartments in Aarhus, so it may be a good idea to consider Silkeborg. Precisely because the city is so close to Aarhus, but has more vacant housing and student-friendly prices. The journey time from Silkeborg to Aarhus is also very affordable. Not only students can benefit from the solution to living in Silkeborg and commute to Aarhus. Of course you can also do that if you work there but want a little more housing for the money or a little more nature and peace and quiet around you.

Find your rental property today

Common to all of Denmark is that rental housing is coveted and in deficit. So even though there are more available rental apartments in Silkeborg than in Aarhus - especially about study startups - it does not mean that you should sit back and wait too long. The good rented apartments are quickly leased, and this applies throughout the country.

Rental housing Silkeborg - search for accommodation

See available rental housing in Silkeborg and surroundings

At you can find your next rental property in Silkeborg. There is also the possibility to search for a rental property in the nearby cities, such as Kjellerup, Them, Bjerringbro and Engesvang. It may be worth looking for rental housing in the surrounding lands and in the rest of the country, as in these areas there may be good money to save on the rent compared to in Silkeborg.

Silkeborg - the family-friendly city

For commuters, Silkeborg is a popular city to live in. The city is centrally located in the country and you can quickly and easily move on to, for example, the suburb of Aarhus and the rest of Denmark. Therefore, the city is also a very popular city to live in, and the rental properties that are in the city are often quickly rented out.

Do not cheat yourself as a tenant

You must be aware that although silkeborg is a popular city to live in, do not let yourself be cheated.

  • Deposit must not be too high - a good rule of thumb is that the deposit must not be more than 3x the rent.

  • Never pay money under the table to the landlord. It is illegal!

  • Always call directly to the landlord. That way, you can easily decide whether it's a fraudster who is renting out his property.

  • Check if the rent is too high. Please write. to the municipality's renting board. Please note that it costs a fee.

  • Use your common sense and your abdominal sensation.

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