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Long term rentals in Vejle

Vejle is for you who love nature, the beaches, the fjord, the fresh air and to you who enjoy space around you. The city houses it all - urban life, immersion and relaxation. There are many reasons to choose to live in Vejle. You have many opportunities to live well and cheap for hire. Read more

34 rentals found

Rent apartments in Vejle - see the huge selection here

Vejle is a lovely place where many choose to settle permanently. Just as many choose to spend the summer vacation or the extended weekend at Vejle Fjord. Precisely because Vejle is so visited and appreciated, it is a city in development where something new is happening all the time. Fortunately, the city is also developing when it comes to rented accommodation and there is usually plenty to choose from, whether you want to live right in the city or within walking distance to the fjord.

A place for everyone

Vejle is one of the popular cities in southern Jutland. There is easy access to Aarhus, Funen and Germany. Should you educate yourself, there are also plenty of opportunities in and around Vejle in upper secondary and higher education. The train connections from the station are good, and the city buses deliver you to and from work or study in no time. During weekends and holidays, there is plenty to experience in Vejle, ranging from shopping to art, culture and beautiful nature. Also gastronomy is the city known for how many of the cafes and restaurants enjoy using local produce.

House with garden or apartment in the city

No matter how you prefer to live, you can find a suitable rental property in Vejle. Here you will find apartments right in the center of the city in close proximity to the good shops and delicious eateries and with easy access to the educational sites. If you prefer a house with garden, there are plenty of options outside the city center and also outside the city sign if there is a little more elbow room. You will also find terraced houses and detached houses in nice, child-friendly neighborhoods.

Stay in Vejle, work in Aarhus

A lot of people prefer to live in Aarhus, but the prices are very high and the possibilities are narrow. Therefore, it may be a good idea to look at the nearest cities in realistic commuting distance. From Vejle you will arrive at the center of Aarhus in a few hours. You live significantly cheaper and get more housing for your money in Vejle than in Aarhus, so it is worth considering. Especially if you want to have a house with garden, there is a lot of money to save on the rent every month. '

Rental housing Vejle - search for accommodation

Vejle - part of the triangular area

Vejle is part of the triangular area, where highways from north, south, east and west meet. In less than an hour you can drive to Aarhus and Kolding, and you can drive to Billund Airport in less than half an hour. The good location, as a guide, is one of the reasons why more and more choose to live cheaply for rent rather than an expensive big city like Aarhus. The dynamic business of the triangular area, makes the area remarkably interesting and the commander of the commuter.

Available rental apartments in Vejle and surroundings

Living for hire can only be economically justified - especially if you work in the triangular area. If you want to rent an apartment in Egtved, Vorbasse or Billund, there may be additional noticeable savings in the future by renting a rental property in one of these uplands. In other words, you get a great deal of money by choosing to rent for hire in a city like Vejle or one of the city centers.

Great money savings by choosing a rental property in Vejle

Prioritize your house with garden and nature in Vejle rather than a rental property in Aarhus, so look around at All you have to do is enter your preferences in the search box on the left and look for your dream rental property in Vejle. Due to the great interest in the area, we regularly update everything from rental rooms to rent homes in Vejle and surroundings.

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