Room for rent

Do you want to live well and centrally in one of the country's largest cities, but without it having to be a fortune? So, a room for rent is probably the right choice for you. When renting a room rather than an apartment or house, you get more benefits, but above all the price. If you are a student or just want to live cheap, so there is more money for everything else, a room for rent is therefore the obvious solution to the housing situation. Renting gives you extra freedom and a quick solution, so it's also an obvious choice for you with an urgent need to overcome your head. Should you study or would like to be close to where all the things happen, you can already check out our large selection of rental apartments and rooms in the country's largest and most popular cities.

Demand pushes prices up

It is incredibly sought after to live in the larger cities. Especially in these years, one sees massive emigration from country to city. The country's three largest cities, namely Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense, are constantly increasing. There is a constant shortage of housing and especially in the middle of the year when there is a study start. It is all about pushing up prices on both rental and cooperative and owner-occupied housing. When there is so much demand for housing in a given city, there are many about the bid and therefore prices are pushed up. There are therefore many who pay in expensive judgments to stay in relatively little space in one of the cities. It goes above and beyond the young people and students who simply do not have the money to invest in a cooperative or owner's residence or who are unable to pay many thousands of dollars each month for an apartment. If even parents do not have the opportunity to make a parenting at the same time, one can quickly find a place to live. Here a room for rent is a good solution, as it ensures that you get a central place to live without the budget running.

Young people are looking for the city and education opportunities

It's no mystery why it's become so expensive to live in the city. Virtually all young people are looking for the city when it's time to move away from home. It is here that many other young people as well as all the educational opportunities are found. If you do not want to spend a lot of money and hours on transport, then a home in town is the only option. For example, Copenhagen has both CU, CBS, DTU, Metropol and a number of other, smaller educational institutions. Therefore, every year thousands of young people are searching for the city to cycle or take the bus to their school. This also means that there is a large shortage of study housing each year because prices are just as high in Copenhagen. If you are a student and would like to go to town, a room for rent is an obvious choice. First and foremost, because it is a cheap solution, but also because there are other advantages of sharing an apartment with others.

Avoid loneliness and maybe make friends for life

Moving out of their parents is a big upheaval. Moving in alone makes it easy to feel lonely. By choosing a room for rent you are sure that you will not be sitting alone at home for a long time at a time. Having roomies not only makes things easier but also funerier and nicer. For example, if several young people live together in an apartment, there is an opportunity to cook, drink beer and go out together. This ensures that you always meet your social needs. Therefore, there is also a part that simply chooses a room for rent in front of an entire apartment. This means meeting new and exciting people who may turn out to be friends for life.

Come close to where it happens

Both when you are a student and when you have finished your studies, it is nice to be close to the inner city. Both in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen it is in the middle of town that the best bars, restaurants and clubs are located. The closer you are to all these things, the easier it is to meet friends, go out and enjoy the freedom of youth. With a room for rent you can get closer to the city center for the same money than if it is a whole apartment or a house. At the same time, there are many who find that they spend much of their time in study time. Therefore it can be nice to have only a room for rent, as it is less to maintain and keep clean. And when you do not spend so much time at home there is no need to pay a lot of money for extra square meters. A room for rent is therefore obvious to the young student who places room and comfort.

Hard to find a good room for rent

As I said, the housing market is under pressure in almost all major cities. Both in Odense, Copenhagen and Aarhus it can be difficult to find a room for rent at a fair price. Just because there are many about the bid, the landlord can afford to raise prices. Therefore it is incredibly difficult to find a room for rent where you can get a nice amount of square meters and a good location at a fair price. If you want to be sure that you have thoroughly investigated the possibilities and found the best solution for you, you can use a housing portal like With a housing portal it is easy to find and compare the possibilities for renting a room in eg Odense or Århus. At we have a large selection of rental apartments and rooms where you get value for money. It makes it easy to find just the solution that matches you and your needs. Are you a student, or just want to stay cheap, check out our selection of rooms for rent all over the country.

Find central room for rent in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the country's capital and therefore also the most populous city. A large part of the population is made up of students. As mentioned, Copenhagen is home to a wide range of educational institutions, ranging from the University of Copenhagen and the CBS, to university colleges, and so many young people are looking for a city. At the same time, the city is characterized by its many ports and landmarks like Nyhavn, Tivoli Gardens and Copenhagen City Hall. The inner city of Copenhagen is characterized by a vibrant city life with bars and restaurants. On our side you will find many rooms for rent in Copenhagen, where you can get close to the city and experience it on your own. When you get closer to your education location, you save money and time on transport. Copenhagen is the most expensive Danish city to live in, and therefore it makes sense to rent a room in Copenhagen. With us, you will find rooms for rent in inner city, Frederiksberg, Amager and the bridges. However, you should also be aware that the rooms can also be expensive especially if you want a very central location. If you find a room that is located on the outskirts of the city, it is a good idea to check out the nearby transport options.

Room for rent in the city of Aarhus

Where Zealanders often move towards Copenhagen, you will often search for Aarhus. In this way, you can say that Aarhus is the capital of Jutland. Århus is actually known as being a city of study where many young people live. This is also due to the fact that in Århus there are many educational institutions - including journalism education, which are not found in Copenhagen. Besides the study opportunities, Aarhus also has many and sought after jobs, so that not only students can enjoy a centrally located room for rent. Århus is a city of speed and time in it, but at the same time it is also very nice and has a lot of soul, among other things. in the form of the Old City. If you dream of moving in to Aarhus, you can find rooms for rent all over the city. The rooms vary widely in price and size and therefore it is guaranteed that you can also find a solution that exactly matches your needs.

Central location with room for rent in Odense

Odense is also a popular city for young people and students. This is due in part to its cozy size and atmosphere, but also its location. Odense is incredibly centrally located between Zealand and Jutland, so there is never much to go. If you dream of easy transportation to the rest of Denmark, including Copenhagen and Aarhus, a room for rent in Odense is a good choice. At the same time, the city is no exception when it comes to study opportunities. There are several different educational institutions and schools that attract students of different kinds to the city. In addition, the city has a long and interesting history, among other things, as the hometown of HC Andersen. In our selection of rooms for rent in Odense you will find several options regarding both price and location, so you can find the room for rent that suits your needs.

Rooms for rent outside the towns

However, it is not only in the three major cities that you can find a room for rent. We also have rooms for rent in the rest of the country. Even if you do not necessarily have to study, it may still be nice to live with others. In addition, almost anyone, regardless of age and employment, can enjoy living cheaply. Our rooms for rent are available throughout the country, so you can also find your new home. Show housing portal. For example, we have rooms for rent in Lyngby, from which there is easy transport to Copenhagen, while it is far cheaper than staying in the city. Our large selection of rental homes ensures that you, regardless of your needs and wishes, can find a room for rent that suits your taste.

Easy to find rooms with us is a housing portal that helps to establish contact between the landlord and the tenant. We have been around since 2003 and are therefore one of Denmark's oldest housing portals. Therefore, there are some who choose to rent their homes and rooms through our site. If you are looking for a room for rent, you have come to the right place. We have over 6,000 homes for rent, and there are new ones every day. If you can not find the right room right away, you can keep up to date with what appears. As said, there is a high demand for cheap rooms, especially in the larger cities. Therefore, you should be quick if there is a room for rent up that suits you perfectly. Fortunately, it is quick and easy to get in touch with the landlord via our housing portal. If you would like a company and a cheap accommodation, and if you are looking for a room for rent, is the right place to start.

Large selection and smart filters make the search easier

Finding a new home is not an easy thing. Nor does it "just" be a room for rent. We are proud to have a wide and wide range, because almost everyone can find the right choice for us. At the same time, we have clever filters that narrow down the search and make it easier and faster to find what you are looking for. For example, you can enter an area or city, choose a maximum price and then quickly get an overview of what options are available. That way, it has never been easier or more manageable to find a room for rent somewhere in Denmark. If you would like to move and sound a room as the right choice for you, start today to look into the many options in our selection.


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